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Five reasons to choose ncl media

Your Project is Important to Us
We are dedicated to creating a quality media solution for the challenge you face and executing on timelines with urgency.

Seasoned Video Expert
With more than 5 years shooting weddings, live events, promo videos, and more you can be confident that we have the expert knowledge to deliver a top-notch product.


Investment in State of the Art Imaging Technology and Continual Learning

Premium lenses, pro-grade cameras, and a creative eye maintain beautiful composition even in low light environments. A steady gimbal and my minimalist approach enable greater creativity of shots with less distraction to you.

Clear Sound & Licensed Music
Multiple wireless transmitters and audio recorders are professionally deployed and monitored to insure that your voices sound crystal clear. Our licensed music library ads a personal touch and won't get your video removed from the web.

Additional cameras, batteries, SD cards, and support equipment are at the ready. During production, backups are kept to prevent loss in the event of a data failure.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a professional for my wedding video?

Your wedding is only going to happen once, that's one chance to get it right. A specialized pro has invested their livelihood into ensuring that the most valuable memory of your life is captured with excellence. This memory will be replayed for years to come with your spouse, children, family, and friends you will be happy you hired a pro to make this special time capsule. You know it is not worth the gamble.

What is the difference between add-ons and platinum add-ons?

Add-ons come included in some packages or purchased individually. Premium add-ons can only be purchased individually.

What is 4K, does it come standard with my package?

Yes! Its 4 X higher quality hence the name 4K. Even if you are watching on a standard HDTV you will see the difference in how clean and sharp the image is.


What are our payment options?

One-third of the package price is required to book the calendar date and the remaining balance is required the week of the event.


How do we deliver the final product to you?

It is up to you to decide between a digital download or USB format.

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