North Bay Ontario and area wedding videographer since 2016 creating high quality films for delighted clients.

It has been nearly ten years since I set out to fulfill my passion in creating the best wedding film possible. Every wedding for me is an opportunity to raise the bar and push the limits on wedding cinematography. I hope that my experience and toolset can insure that I capture your wedding day in the most beautiful light. So that your memory can be immortalized for you and all of your descendants. That they may witness the beauty of your love story with an incredible highlight and film of your wedding day.

North Bay Ontario Wedding Videographer NCL Media

Wedding Cinema

One Ultimate Package, tailored to your special day. 

A creative 8 to 12 minute wedding film of your day that highlights events such as the preparations, letter/gift exchange, first look, walking down the isle, ceremony, reactions, dancing and fun. All tied together with your vows, speeches and unique licensed soundtracks expertly selected for your wedding film. This is achieved with 1 dynamic moving angle and two other stationary angles. You select consecutive coverage hours based on your wedding day.


SPEECH EDIT - Reception speeches in one edit, *Speeches must covered by your consecutive package hours.*


INSTAGRAM EDIT - Creative 60-second edit designed specifically for social media and the Instagram square format.

2-3 MIN WEDDING TRAILER - A teaser trailer featuring key moments, often the vows, the kiss and special moments from the reception.

THE LOVE STORY - 5-minute video played at your reception featuring interviews with the bride and groom rekindling the memories of their love story.​

SHORT FILM - Duration may vary from 30 to 50-MIN depending mostly on the length of your ceremony, speeches and your selected package.

FEATURE FILM - Duration may vary from 1 H 20 MIN to 2 H 20 depending on the length of ceremony, speeches and your selected package.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a professional for my wedding video?

Your wedding is only going to happen once, that's one chance to get it right. A specialized pro has invested their livelihood into ensuring that the most valuable memory of your life is captured with excellence. This memory will be replayed for years to come with your spouse, children, family, and friends. You will be happy you hired a pro to make this special time capsule. You know it is not worth the gamble.

How long does it take to receive the final product?

Depending on the season and backlog of projects this could range from 2 weeks to 2 months. I will update you on timelines once we get closer to the production date.


What are the payment options?

One-third of the package price is required to book the calendar date and the one third is required 2 weeks before the wedding and the final third upon completion of the project.


How do we deliver the final product to you?

A digital download will be made available. A USB drive may be requested.